Dark Green Vine Backgrounds

Greater Banded Hornet Raids a Paper Wasp Hive

The Asian Koel has Enchanting Spots in Closeup

Red-whiskered Bulbuls Get Busy Building Nest

The Purple-rumped Sunbirds Are in Constant Move and Are Noisy

Scaly-breasted Munias have Long Periods of Courtship

Indian White Eye Is a Bright but Shy Bird

Ashy Prinia Begins Its nest Making

The Black-naped Monarch Has a Cap

Alexandrine Parakeets Can Crack Hard Nuts

Rock Pigeons are Majestic in Colour and Posture

Rose-ringed Parakeets Nestle in Tree Holes

Common Grass Yellow Butterflies

Waterfalls Are So Refreshing

Sreekrishna Parunthu Backgrounds with Blue Theme

Jewel Bug and Its Metallic Green Shield

Painted Stork Stand Still and Rest

The Jungle Babbler is Popularly Called as Seven Sisters

Tickell's Blue Flycatcher Is Small but a Predator

Black Drongo Is Aggressive

Ashy Prinia Chicks Move out to the Vulnerabilities of the Open Sky