Elusive Indian Wild Boars

 Wild pigs, more accurately known as Indian wild boars, have become a topic of complex discussion in recent years. Though their presence is felt all over farmlands in India, we seldom see them; they dodge human encounters during day, hiding in waterholes and bushes. I sited a few them in Bondla Wild Life Sanctuary, Goa; cooling themselves in a muddy mash.

wild pigs, indian wild boars

wild pigs, indian wild boarswild pigs, indian wild boars

wild pigs, indian wild boars

Though there have been incidents of wild boars injuring people, fortunately they are not inherently aggressive and intentional attacks are rare. They are omnivores and forage for food, and often venture into farmlands in search of crops, fruits, and tubers. Wild boars play an important ecological role in the forest ecosystem, contributing to nutrient cycling and seed dispersal.