Vinca: A Metaphor for Endurance and Resilience

 Vincas also called as Periwinkle are unassuming and perennial flowers seen almost everywhere. They are at home in sophisticated urban gardens, in modest house gardens, and along country roads; they even beautify graveyards. Vinca is a plant for all seasons.

Seeing it so very often I never thought that they come in great many varieties of colours. Paying a little attention on different gardens I realised vincas have tens of varieties.

The name vinca, is derived from a Latin word that means “to overcome”. The spectacle about vincas is their ability to withstand heat and strains. They are survivors. When the entire stretch of garden is withered and dried up in scorching summer sun you will find patches of rich green vincas with varied colours of flowers. Go a little closer, then you see that the vinca plant is often standing in a little mud in the crack of a slab of concrete, or in a rock. In the most uncomplaining manner it keeps flowering. It keeps giving.

Vinca plants in concrete cracks

Vinca (white)

Vinca (double purple)

Vinca (light purple and purple)

Vinca (dark purple and white)

Vinca (pink and pink)

Vinca (white and purple )

Vinca (light purple and white)